Sports Chaplaincy Wales

Sports Chaplaincy Wales

Sports Chaplaincy in Wales has seen many doors open over the years to allow chaplaincy support to clubs across Wales. Currently there are 33 chaplains serving in rugby union, football, cricket, boxing and disability sports. We have another 20 waiting in the wings to take up new opportunities. Jesus might say today "the sports fields are white unto harvest, but the labourers are few" and we need more workers to volunteer to help meet these great opportunities to connect church with sporting communities and make a real difference for His glory. We need pastorally gifted people (ministers or lay) who are willing to serve. We are excited to hear of many being challenged by the gospel as we minister to people's needs and some having their lives transformed by accepting Christ. 

Sports Chaplaincy UK (SCUK) is recognised as the leader in our field across the world where we now have nearly 425 volunteer sports chaplains serving a range of sporting communities at all different levels across the UK. Chaplaincy recognises that a healthy heart and mind is needed to go alongside the physical strength and tactical awareness that sports people need to achieve their potential and achieve their dreams.  We have partnership agreements with many key governing bodies like the Premier League, Disability Sport Wales, Rugby Football League etc as recognised suppliers of specialist sports chaplains into the UK sport. we have started discussions with the WRU for this.

SCUK facilitates, trains, supports and encourages Christian chaplains for the benefit of supporting sports communities to help you be effective, for people of faith and of no faith. There is a need for high quality pastoral and spiritual care to support players, coaches, and staff . This generally involves being willing to give about 5 hrs pw - e.g. a couple of hours one evening at training, a couple at matches and available to offer pastoral care as needed, being available to listen and bring support to all. Each chaplain will bring with them a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. A chaplain should be extremely supportive, bring a non-judgemental, listening ear in confidence and an empathetic and compassionate presence. Who help players, coaches or teams through bereavements or tragedies like the recent Ellie Norkett tragedy, or support people through relationship challenges, or can be that listening ear when things aren't going well, encourage when injured, help deal with addictions, get free from debt, offer spiritual insight and encouragement? Sports Chaplains can!

We are looking for VIPs and that could be you! People who will:
  Volunteer to be a chaplain at a local club, or offer other skills to SCUK e.g. IT skills
I     people who are willing in to Invest to help us develop this great work
P   Pray - there is nothing as important as praying with us, as prayer moves God's arm to bless

We would be thrilled if you want to get involved or to know more. Either email or phone Martin Lewis, Director of SCUK Wales:   Email add -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Mob no 07718055365. Or check out our SCUK website:  to gain further insight.

Sporting Life Endorsements:  "Chaplains can be of help to all sorts of people involved with sport, when crisis, need, or difficulty comes. I commend the idea of sports chaplaincy and the work of SCORE* to you"
Sir Alex Ferguson, former Manager to Manchester United  (*SCUK was formerly  SCORE - “ Sports Chaplains Offering Resources And Encouragement “)

"Providing Sports Chaplaincy has become an important part of our approach to equality and ethical behaviours .....Aside from providing a friendly, familiar face and an open door to confidential advice and support for everyone,  there have also been occasions when our Sports Chaplains have made significant and timely interventions supporting athletes, staff and wider service users through some difficult and challenging times. Experienced and well trained, the Chaplains have brought added value to our organisation."
Jon Morgan Exec Director of Disability Sports Wales.

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