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Help me I'm Addicted

Help me I'm Addicted

Many people struggle with life controlling problems. Perhaps you struggle in this area or perhaps you know someone who does. Here are some agencies that may be able to help.

This has been written with people who need help in Cardiff in mind but would apply many who live in other areas of the UK.

Life Controlling Problems

Cardiff Concern 

A free counselling service run by Christians for the local community. If you need someone to talk to about an issue that is affecting your life, they are there to help.


The Living Room

A Cardiff community based recovery centre that has an “all addictions” approach (e.g. gambling, alcohol, sex, drugs, eating disorders), and welcomes anyone who needs support taking that first step towards recovery or wanting to maintain their ongoing recovery. They also welcome and provide advice and support for family members, partners and friends who have been affected by these addictions. 


Drinkline   0800 917 8282

Advice on sensible drinking and alcohol misuse
Open 24hrs for advice on drinking

Gamcare   0808 8020 133

For Gamblers and those affected by problem gambling 

In Roads  029 2040 7407

94 Neville Street, Cardiff, CF11 6LS

Drug and Alcohol advice and support for those in need

Teen Challenge and Victory Outreach 
TheNetCardiff has links with both these great Christian organisations that help people break free from life controlling problems. If you want more information contact them directly.

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