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Help me I'm Homeless

Help me I'm Homeless

Sometimes people struggle with homelessness - perhaps you are one of them or you are trying to help someone who is homeless. We have tried to gather some information below that may help you. 

This has been written with people who need help in Cardiff in mind but may apply to those who live in other areas of the UK. 

Local organisation working with homeless:

Cardiff county council help for homeless 

The Cardiff County Council has a support service for those who are homeless or who are in danger of becoming homeless. The link above provides you will advice on this situation. 


What do you do if you are homeless now?

If you are homeless, sleeping rough, relying on friends for a bed for the night or likely to become homeless in the near future Cardiff County Council (CCC) will work with you to help you find somewhere to live.  


Please contact CCC as soon as possible by phoning or visiting:


The Housing Options Service
Housing Options Centre
Huggard Buildings
Hansen Street


Opening hours:

Monday 9am - 4.30pm

Tuesday 9am - 4.30pm

Wednesday 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Thursday 11am - 4.30pm

Friday 9am - 4pm


Tel: 029 2057 0750

Out of hours: 029 2087 3141


CCC will need to talk to you about your situation to find out how you became homeless or why you are likely to lose your home. Wherever possible CCC will try to prevent you from losing your current home if you have one. We will also give you information about the housing options available to you. 


CCC may need you to provide some information so that we can assess your situation. This will include proof of your identity and details of your income. Please provide the original documents we ask you for as quickly as possible. 


Please remember that in considering your case, the Council will also assess whether you have in any way contributed to your circumstances – this is called ‘intentionality’. Each case is considered carefully to decide whether the loss of accommodation was deliberate or through no fault of your own.  ‘Intentionality’ will be considered for all households except 16/17 year olds who cannot be held responsible for the loss of any previous accommodation.
The Council is permitted to do this under the ‘Homelessness (Intentionality) (Specified Categories) (Wales) Regulations 2015’.

The HANR Outreach service

CCC provide advice, support and assistance to rough sleepers and other vulnerable people in Cardiff. The team aims to do this through effective outreach, appropriate referrals and support.  
The team works in partnership with a variety of statutory / non-statutory, charitable and voluntary sector agencies providing frontline services covering issues such as emergency accommodation, Health and substance misuse.
CCC welcome all contact, If you are sleeping rough or know of someone who is, please contact us giving details of location, numbers, date and time.

The Wallich 

For services available in Cardiff Click here

A homelessness charity and have been working with homeless and vulnerable people for over 30 years. We work to find lasting solutions to homelessness and prevent its occurrence by working with those who are in danger of becoming homeless. 

Tresillian house

Single homeless people aged 16 and over. Specifically cater for ex-offenders and people with alcohol, drug and mental health issues. Can accept people with care poackages and couples.

Huggard centre

Services include Emergency Bed unit, day centre and winter night centre.

Huggard exists to provide support and help to people who are not only homeless but also find it hard to maintain independent accommodation if it were provided. Our objective is to provide help and support, providing care for those who need it and empowering individuals to head towards sustainable and independent living.

Salvation army - cardiff centres

salvation army - ty gobaith

Ty Gobaith are dedicated to helping homeless people turn their lives around and regain their feelings of self-worth. Our resettlement centre in the heart of the city centre in Cardiff has provision to support 66 homeless men and women over the age of 18 on-site.  

Salvation army - northlands

It will provide much needed support to young people aged between 16 and 25 who are homeless; to help them achieve successful and sustainable resettlement into appropriate accommodation.

Other organisations you who may be able to provide support

shelter cymru

Advice and information for homeless people and anyone with housing problems. Subjects covered include rent or mortgage arrears and repossessions, rent increases, disrepair, illegal eviction and harassment, benefits for housing costs. 

Llamau - working with homeless young people and vulnerable women

We specialise in engaging with high need young people who have a history of non-engagement with statutory bodies.

The majority of the young people and vulnerable women with whom we work are homeless. Many have been involved with the criminal justice system. They may be in or leaving care, may be young parents, or are victims of domestic abuse. Many are facing serious deficits in their education, affecting their employment prospects. Often, they are facing a combination of these issues.

Recognising that individuals have a range of needs - all of which need to be met - means we aim to address all the issues a person has, rather than provide one service in isolation. It means our work demands great and constant flexibility. Each service user is treated as an individual, and relevant services are tailored to meet his or her needs.

YMCA - Cardiff

Often people think of the YMCA as a provider of youth work and leisure activities. However, this YMCA - Cardiff YMCA Housing Association - is a YMCA with a difference! Here in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, we have four city centre housing projects offering flexible support services. These include a range of temporary accommodation options for vulnerable men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are in housing need. 

Rainbow of hope 

We work with the homeless, disadvantaged and asylum seekers. Providing food and drink on the streets of Cardiff every night at 8pm. Around 40-60 people appear every night. With lunchtime fellowship meals in the ARK drop in centre on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri ( 5 days) between 12:00 to 1: 00 pm. Providing over 250 food parcels every month to those in real need and free food parcels to asylum seekers on every Thursday. Between 50-70 people get this support each week.

We hold a Bible study programme on every Thursday which all are invited to come to. We arrange free training courses for those in need. We give free advice on benefits, debt, housing and employment issues. We organise a free Craft Workshop for women every Tuesday between 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

Their vision is to run a 24 hour centre for those who are in need.

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