Explore the Christian Faith

Explore the Christian Faith

To be honest with you the best way to find out about church is to visit one!


Here are just a few ways you can find out more about the Christian faith 


Your local church

We understand that many people may have had a negative experience of church in the past and we are really sorry if that has been your experience but we would ask you to give church another try.

Many would have you believe that churches are on the way out and is out of date. We would suggest to you that if you take the time to check it out you may be very surprised at what you find.

There are many Evangelical Churches in Wales of many of different types from large churches with many hundreds attending there main Sunday service, to small churches with only a few people on a normal sunday. Some will particularly suit those with young familes, other try meet the needs of young people and other for a more mature congregation. Some larger churches even have a variety of service in the day of different types and styles. Some churches are have many nationalities, some feature very modern music others more traditional. The variety is great but what joins them together is a love for God and love for people.

So why not try out a church and if you don't quite feel the first church you visit is the one for you check out some others to see which suits you but most importantly where you feel you can hear God voice into your life. 

This can often be a great place to find out about the Christian faith and Jesus, so check out our listing of local churches in Wales that should be able to help you. Find at Church

A local course 


This is a great course to introduce you to the Christians faith and there a number of churches in Cardiff that regularly run this course. If often takes the format of a evening group with a meal, a talk and opportunity to discuss your questions each week.

Click here to find a course near you 

Christianity explored

This is another great course to introduce you to the Christians faith and there a number of churches in Cardiff that regularly run this course. 

Click here to find a course near you 

Visit a great website

There are a number of great websites that will give you help in exploring the Christians faith and take you on a journey of discovery. Here are a few that we would really encourage you to check out both the same subject but presented in slightly different ways. 



Contact us as the Net Wales

We would love to link you up with someone in your local area who can help you on this journey of discovery. If you need to chat with someone then why not contact us

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