Navigating Your New Normal, Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma

Navigating Your New Normal, Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma

When the trauma of serious illness, injury or bereavement hits, people's lives are shattered and devastated, according to Author, Coach and Speaker Bamidele Adenipekun.

Her new book is written to help people affected by trauma to transition from mere survival to thriving in the aftermath. It was released worldwide on Amazon and selected bookstores on September 26, 2017.

In the UK alone, stroke is one of the leading causes of disability with 1.2 million survivors, more than half being looked after by family members. There were also 352,000 new cancer cases in 2013[2], says Adenipekun, who is a breast cancer survivor.  "This book is not just for those directly affected but also their loved ones, whose lives are also changed forever as adjustments have to be made with respect to roles and responsibilities."

Navigating Your New Normal takes readers through the impact of breast cancer and loss on all family members as well as provide a practical 7-step framework for them to journey from drudgery to fulfilment in a future that is different to that expected.

No matter how dire current circumstances are, those affected are shown how to strike a balance between dealing with the facts and embracing hope required to create a satisfying life going forward. The importance of being informed but not overwhelmed by grim statistics is stressed by Adenipekun in "Navigating Your New Normal".

"A lifetime of thriving and achievement is indeed possible after a diagnosis of serious illness. It begins with a determination not to settle for arduous living devoid of joy," says Adenipekun.  "I am living proof."

"Navigating Your New Normal" Is available in paperback, Kindle ( and Nook (Barnes and Noble).

About the Author:

Bamidele Adenipekun believes that dreams are like birds that require wings to fly. Often adverse circumstances of life damage the wings of people's dreams. Bamidele's purpose and passion is tending the broken wings of people's dreams so that they can be inspired to soar above their troubles. An author, coach and speaker, she is the founder of Inspired To Soar Ltd which serves people seeking fulfilment in their lives after the devastation caused by the trauma of serious illness, injury or bereavement. She holds a Master's degree in International Development and Human Rights as well as a Certificate in Life Coaching Studies.

She has also built relationships with local charities having previously volunteered for Christian Aid a UK-based development charity. She is currently a volunteer for Breast Cancer Care which is a UK-based charity supporting everyone affected by breast cancer as well as raising awareness in the community.  No stranger to adversity herself, she is a breast cancer and childhood abuse survivor. She is a single mother of a fabulous daughter. Connect at


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