Questions for You a resource from Waleswide

Questions for You a resource from Waleswide

Question for you

Waleswide has made available a resource for people with questions about God.  This is suitable for those who are not yet ready for Alpha or Christianity Explored.  The material can be viewed or downloaded from the Waleswide website.

Question is a series of six discussion starter videos which encourage people starting a faith journey to explore the type of questions about God that are often asked.  A leaders’ guide provides all the information needed to run the sessions and includes helpful discussion questions.  The topics are:

·         Create - God’s gifts of creativity

·         Organic - God in creation

·         Trophy - Purpose beyond this life

·         Hurt - When life is painful

·         Coincidence - Prayer and spirituality

  • Messiah - God in Christ

The videos were produced in Wales by Jonathan Vaughan-Davies.  They are also available in Welsh with presentation by Cynan Llwyd.  You can see the videos and download the leaders' guide at


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