Business and Ministry - focused service portal

Business and Ministry - focused service portal

After a year and a half of vast research and communication, the WEA Business Coalition is proud to present their new 'business and ministry'-focused service portal. 

In achieving our ultimate goal to function as an information & resource hub providing strategic and thought leadership for leaders of businesses, ministries and churches, we developed this portal as a free source to explore all aspects of the faith and business relationship.

The website has a number of useful links to videos for those involved in business wishing to run thier business or carry out their business with a Christian ethos.

Please join us at and benefit from our large network currently consisting of:44 experts, 50 speakers, 131 ministries, 30 institutes, 28 funders, 3 councils, 53 countriesand 9 events.

As this is a free source, we kindly ask for your donations. If you would like to donate to the WEA Business Coalition please click HERE.


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