Help me find a Church in Wales

Evangelical Alliance has a connection with hundreds of churches across Wales.

How do you choose a church?

Looking for a church can be a bit like choosing a meal from KFC. Most KFC meals contain chicken but they come in various flavours and a whole range of things you can have with it! Sadly some meals can also contain additives that the "Chef" never intended to be part of the menu!


What is the Net Wales?

The Net Wales project is an initiative of Evangelical Alliance Wales, This website has been created as part of that project to connect Evangelical churches from across Wales. The idea of the website is to provide news, events and important information for those inside and outside the church. We hope you enjoy using it.  


The Net Wales has been set up as just one way to bring some hope and good news to Wales. Having been born and brought up in Wales I want to see Wales as a country of hope and good news and see peoples lives changed and transformed.

 Steve Harris - Coordinator The Net Cardiff and support for The Net Wales project

The Net Wales will play a key role in the well being of the Wales. I believe that the people of Wales can only benefit from so many churches and organisations working together to serve our communities with the Good News.

Elfed Godding - National Director of Evangelical Alliance Wales


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